[H]Trial and Error Recrut Tue/Thur/Sun 9pm ST

[H] Trial and Error 10 Men Guild

Hello and thank you for visiting our recruitment forum page!

Quick Breakdown:

- Brand new transfer lvl 25 guild.
- Looking to start with challenge modes/raids/ranked pvp
- Starting raids no earlier than 9pm Server time,
- Looking for current Classes and Specs: Hunter with Spore Pet, Elemental Shaman, Windwalker Monk, tank/ balance Dps Druid, and a tank, anything BUT Dk or Warrior.
- Experienced and previously successful raiders only

Who are we?

Trial and Error (25) is a transfer guild that was created during the Burning Crusade expansion and was proud to claim many server first kills at the time. Most of old members are either stayed behind, quit, or now raiding as part of top us guilds.

The server that we came from died off, and we are currently looking for members to fulfill our raiding core spots. For the time being we are just starting in Pandaria. Our current goal is to start doing challenge mode dungeons and pug raids, until we have a core to do those on our own. We are experienced raiders looking for people who enjoy and are good at doing PvE content. As for PvP, we would love to eventually form a ranked team, so the recruitment is also open in this regard.

What do we have to offer?

Our guild is just starting out, but things such as enchants, repairs, and other progress raiding and ranked PvP related things are fully covered by the guild. We offer strong leadership and were always known for our great reputation. We like to progress and have a great time while doing it! We use Vent as a form of communication. In addition to it, we have a Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

When do we raid and how do we handle raiding, vent conversations, and loot?

We are adults, and we are from east coast. With this said, we are planning to raid during late evenings. Our current plan is to raid 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) for at least 2-3 hours each day, starting at no earlier than 9pm ST. The goal of the guild is to fill the PvE raiders and PvP ranks and become another strong and solid guild on this server. We are not planning on becoming a 5 days a week hardcore raiding guild. This does not mean we will not strive on becomes the top. Progress is much easier with competition for top spots.

When it comes to raids, we believe that we bring something new and interesting to the table, as far as raiding goes. This is a team game and we believe that during raids everyone has full right to have a blast. This is why during trash it is encouraged to just talk and enjoy each other’s company. After all, we are all here to have fun. This quite changes during progress fights. Vent is expected to stay quiet and only designated people should be speaking and calling things out then. With this said, we are not looking for people who need their hand held during fights. We have people calling out as a form of courtesy, not as a form of babysitting.

We are planning on staying a 10 man guild, so as far as loot, the highest beneficial upgrade wins. Everyone needs to be geared, and depending on drops and our luck, all of us will be geared at the same time.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced raiders. Current open roles are:
- Hunter with Spore Pet

- Elemental Shaman

- Windwalker Monk

- Balance druid

- Tank, anything BUT Dk or Warrior, preferably a Druid or a Monk.

With this said, we are looking for people who are at least geared for most of LFR, or working hard towards it. Gear stands second to having an IQ of 70 and being able to perform well in raids. If you believe that you are part of 95th percentile of raiders who rarely make mistakes, this guild is for you.

How to apply?

At this moment recruitment is being conducted in game and through Ventrilo Interviews.
Please Contact one of the following GMs/Officers in game:

-Soulgain (Battletag: Soulgain#1102)
-Hpsrussia (Battletag: Tenso#1205)

You can also visit our site and apply there under “recruitment”.
http://falconlegend.wix.com/trialanderror (the site is 90% complete, when it is, the domain will be changed to our own)

If all other fails, feel free to comment in this forum post if interested and we will reach you. Just leave a good time for us to get to you.

Thank you for taking the time and visiting our page. We are looking forward to talking to you soon!
Good luck to you guys and welcome to the server.
Thank you ;)
Oh! Oh! I love kickstarters! Here have my $5!
Bump! ^.^
Hello there, I am looking to transfer to this server and reading up on the raiding guilds on this forum. I came across yours, which sounds exactly what i've been looking for.

I am currently 6/6msv and 2/6hof due to my raid leader and 3 others server transferring out of the blue. On my current server there is close to no guilds that raid at or later than 9pm. Which is why I am stuck at that progression. My raid times start when my kids go to bed. So your times fit perfectly into my schedule.

I am a team player and will help out whenever I can. I listen well. I am not afraid to ask questions if it's not clear what my job is supposed to be during an encounter.

I made a lowbie on Stormreaver and have been sitting in org most the time looking for recruitment spams. name is xzhaxzha.

I'm looking foward to hearing from you. Thanks
Bump, Still need a tank And a DPS.

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