575-600 Cooking Kits For Sale

So you have your cooking to 575 and you are starting to notice the mountain of mats you will have to procure in order to get those last 25 points. And OMFG SIX specializations.

Well, worry not friends. CircleK has you covered.

Send in-game mail to CircleK with the specialization (or WAY as it is appropriately called) you are looking to complete, and I will reply with a COD mail that has all the mats you need to complete that specialization (Way of the Wok, Way of the Steamer, Way of the Pot, etc). 8K per specialization OR all 6 specializations and Master of the Ways title for 40K.

Disclaimer - You must be at 575 cooking for these kits to be effective for you. (The starter quests etc must be done first.) This offer not available to residents of Silvermoon, Undercity, Org, Thunder Bluff, etc.

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