LF a weekend raiding guild, Alli or Horde.

Hi guys, as the heading says, i am looking for a guild that raids on the weekends (Sat-Sun, ppl think friday counts for some reason...), haven't been able to get into raiding seriously this xpac due to working evenings so have just been lvling alts and doing LFR and pugging what i can, So i am going to try my luck and hopefully there is at least one guild out there that would like to give me a chance.

Have HM exp in DS (pre nerf) and currently 4/6 MSV and have xp with 2/6 HoF. Can follow directions well.

Willing to transfer realms for this so please reply or whisper me in-game

Real ID: Lotzadots#6164

cheers guys.

Still looking for a home team "Puppy Face"

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