Unleashed Fury Flametongue

Unleashed Fury Flametongue now increases Lightning Bolt damage by 20% (was 30%), and Lava Burst damage by 10%. i want to know is this a nerf or a buff ??? because the current spell increases your next fire spell by 30%. a buff to lighting bolt is not so good because its not a guaranteed crit an i right ?. also i dont understand in the tool tips right now it never says anywhere that it increases lighting bolt damage by 30%. i know i am not geting it all right would someone explain please.
Unleashed Fury and Unleash Flame are not the same thing. Unleash Flame is the base UE effect of Flametongue that buffs your next fire spell by 30%. Unleash Fury is the lvl 90 talent which gives extra benefits to the Unleash spells.

In the case of Unleash Flame, UFury right now makes your target receive +30% damage from Lightning bolt, in addition to the base UFlame effect. In 5.2, the Unleash Fury benefit is getting changed from +30% LB to +20% LB and +10% Lava Burst. This is to make it more attractive for Ele, as they never pick Unleash Fury as their lvl 90 talent. Not like it will change come 5.2, however.
thanks for clearing that up i am new as you can tell :)
They nerfed the lightning bolt portion to make it less attractive to enhance, since all enhance shaman picked it. There was a good reason for this, it was numerically superior.

They added the lava burst portion to make it slightly more attractive to elemental since none picked it.
However... I dont see how it will make enough of a difference since Unleashed Fury has great potential to be wasted due to target changing (unleash elements effect is a buff, unleashed fury's effect is a debuff on the target), will likely still be flat out less of a dps increase than the other two options, and will still cost 2 gcd's to make use of any of the other imbues utility then costing another gcd to put flametongue back on.

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