493 paladin tank looking to xfer here...

Area 52
So the story: my server is basically dead, and my guild does little in the way of progression. After trying unsuccessfully for a while to join a better guild here (they're all set in the ways of tanks), I've given up and am looking to transfer to a more vibrant, populated home, and to raid seriously once there for 5.2 and beyond.

I've got little experience this current tier (6/6, 1 hm, 3/6,1/4) but trust me, it's tough to progress when your guild cannot come close to outputting enough AoE dps to bypass Heroic Feng. I also came to WoW late, right before Dragon Soul's launch, and it wasn't until last summer that I built a new computer that can handle raiding, so I've had no opportunity to join a strong guild. If only I knew back then that the determining factor for server selection was really population, not just ping.

What you get,

A skilled and dedicated player. I keybind religiously, use several addons effectively, can be trusted to perform difficult tasks, and I output good stats (50%+ SotR uptime on tank and spank, 90%+ Sacred Shield uptime, almost 50% uptime on Jade Warlord Figurine etc). As I came into WoW late, I've never had the experience of serious raiding, and I'm dying to do it; you won't worry about me missing a raid night (randomly; RL stuff does happen) or showing up unprepared.

A well-researched and prepared player. I research fights not only on common websites but also in WoL to probe the type of encounter and what to do in response to it; e.g. if the majority of damage going out is magic, unglyph Divine Protection. For my current guild I've fallen into the role of de facto raid leader, because I'm the guy who knows all the fights before stepping into them.

A good dude. This post is pretty much all business, but I like to think that I'm the kind of player who's active in his guild and on Vent. I used to play FPS competitively in the late 90s in a few clans, and I miss the communal feeling of that environment. The guilds I've been in seem like little more than pointless grats fests. I want to game again. With friends!

Let me know if you're interested. I'm looking at 2-3 times/week to raid in the evenings. As I've got little raiding experience for the reasons mentioned, I'm willing to demonstrate logs and even to stream myself playing so you can see how I do. Thanks for reading, guys and gals.
Hey man,

If you are looking for a permanent home and can raid Tuesday and Wednesday @ 730-1030 server we could be in business.

We are about 6 weeks at this server and need one more competant tank to finish the raid team.
All of our raiders have various stages of tier completion with our most complete at 16/16 and 3/16H.

If your post is written true then we seem to be on the same page on many things.

Look me up at zahkkul#1390.

no link to your armory?
Yea I'll hit you up later when I get home Zahk. Armory is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tanaris/Trystero/advanced
Right on... talk to you soon.

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