497 WW Monk LF Guild!

-So, I have 1 week to find a new Raid team. I would prefer a 25m, But 10m will work as well. I'm currently 5/6HM MSV 1/6HM HoF and 16/16Normal.

-I'm looking for a guild that's as progressed as I for 5.2, I'm a Semi-Hardcore Raider, I Like joking around in between pulls but when the boss is pulled its time to get serious.

-I'm available to start raid around 7-9 P.M. CST.

-Past Experiance:
8/8H Holy Paladin
6/7H Surv/MM Hunter(25m)
3/13H Hunter (When i first started raiding)

-Computer Specs
Alienware M15x
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q740 @ 1.37GHz
6GB Ram
GFX: GeForce GTX 260m

I think having a good UI is a good part of Raid Awareness and Increasing your DPS/HPS

-Key Addons:
Action Bar Saver (Saves Skills to Keybinds)
Dominos (Custom Action Bars)
Decursive (Dispells)
LUI (Cure UI)
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text (Custom Combat Text)
NugComboBar (Keeps Track of Chi/ComboPoints/Runes)
Quartz (Custom Castbar)
ReforgeLite (Makes Reforging Easier)
Skada (DPS Meters)
ShaOfFearAssist (For Sha of Fear(Ranger Platform)
ShadowedUnitFrame (Custom Unit Plate)
Vuhdo (For Healing)
Deadly Boss Mods (Boss Ability Timer)

-Thanks for your time! Tsuko#1484 If you which to contact me In-Game
Bump. :D
02/18/2013 10:37 AMPosted by Klx
-I'm available to raid around 7-9 P.M. CST.

you only have 2 hours a night you can raid?
Oh no, Sorry, I meant that as 7-9 to start raiding, and raid for 3-4 hours
I'm in that screenshot mwahahaha.
Kitchen Photobomb! :O
To the top! :D
icky a panda!
Best racial for raiding! :D
we would be interested, please contact me in game.

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