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Emerald Dream
The creak of the warriors leather jerkin beneath the screeching of his plate armor disturbed the silence of Arathi on this cloudy afternoon. Teirvel took deep drags from his pipe, inspecting the Forsaken warrior. "What did you say your name was again, boy?"
The warrior did his best to respond but seeing as his lower jaw was gone the only sound that came out was a gurgling noise. Teirvel laughed to himself, he knew the warriors name he simply enjoyed toying with the new recruits. "Ah yes, your name is Gulive" pretending to look down at his chart. The warrior banged his sword against his shield and let out a roar which sent spit, blood and chunks of flesh into Teirvel's face.
"That is just... lovely." Teirvel said as he wiped the mess from his face, slightly annoyed. "Go check in with Vizier Sanathein, he will give you a tabard and instruct you on our policies. Have him find someone to equip you with a proper jaw. I do not enjoy being drenched in whatever is coming from your mouth... hole, I don't know what to call it but it needs to be fixed." Gulive nodded and hurriedly ran off to find the Vizier.
Muttering to himself Teirvel entered his tent. The forces had nearly doubled in number over the last week, and the new recruits looked eager for combat. They had been coming in such numbers he had volunteered to help with inspection. Sitting at his desk Teirvel began to scribble a note for the bulletin at Undercity.

Defilers of Arathor (level 22) now recruiting, we are open to all races and classes. Let it be known that by joining our ranks you will putting yourself in a constant struggle to retake Stromgarde and Arathi Highlands. You will find yourself in combat with many of those who call themselves the Keepers of Stromgarde.

Defilers of Arathor is recruiting Forsaken brethren to partake in our Wpvp and rp community.
Xanatera had been out in Arathi for personal reasons. She had a score to settle with a Paladin that had tried to take her life. Looking around she noticed things seemed a little off. She noticed there were more forsaken crawling about than normal. Being the social butterfly she is, She went in search of one to talk to. After a little searching she came across a warlock. He was looking at another forsaken, This one had a part of his jaw missing. Looking at the both she was a little grossed out. Knowing the Alliance had claimed the Keep not to far from where they were she was a little edgy. Taking a deep breath Xanatera Spoke "H-h-hello" Xanatera bowed before the two forsaken "My name is Xanatera Dawnarrow, Pleased to meet you both. I couldn't help but see you have made a home for your self here. Are you not worried about the..." Xanatera paused and looked around "The Alliance that is in the area?" The Forsaken warlock seemed to be ignoring the Blood elf, A little annoyed Xan rolled her eyes and sat on the edge of the desk. "so do you speak?" Xanatera giggled
Palmyou rushed to Arathi. She had over slept and knew she was going to be in trouble. One she landed in Arathi she made her way to Teirvel. When she got there she saw the Blood elf sitting on Teirvel's desk. Out of breath Palmyou panted and stood and saluted. Still panting she spoke "Palmyou... Reporting for... Duty Sir!" Just then she just about fell over from the rush. She stood back up and looked at the blood elf. "Name was Sealiah Darkpalm, Before I died... Now they just call me palmyou. And you might be?" Teirvel's eyes lifted from his paper for a split second and then back down again. Palmyou giggled looking at the look of annoyance on the Blood elf's face. "He is like that with everyone. You caught him busy, I wouldn't sit there all pretty like. You may stir somethings up with..." Palmyou stopped and sniffed the Blood elf. "With your smell of the living." Palmyou giggled again.
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May this be the last warning. Next time we go to war.
Bring it Vesker! He will not be un protected. Shattered Maul Clan has taken a vow to protect Teirvel and his clansmen. They will not be unprotected.

((OoC: I think an rp battle would be great at some point smc and doa team up against the keepers))
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Hey man, this place be great...after ya get used to da smell.
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I'll look someone up when I get ingame after class/work.
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I'll look someone up when I get ingame after class/work

I look forward to meeting you, Mordios.
Glory to the living, death to the forsaken!

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