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I am and have been on a PVP server since vanilla. World PVP hasn't scaled.

1) lvl 60s back in the day had 2k - 4k health and depending on gear could hit for 2kish with big spells.
Now 200k-700k health auto hit for 10k at least.

2) you used to be able to get about 1/3 of the way through your leveling experience before entering a contested zone.

3) Ganking in towns was trickier/impossible. Guards were beefier and couldn't just fly onto a roof and shoot down on lowbies.

4) you used to have to actually go to the entrance of your dungeons and raids. Meaning that if you chose to gank in duskwood or crossroads you had to make an effort to get there between events (which just wasn't worth it, and if you made the effort great). Now you just queue from anywhere and get put right back there when you are done...... makes ganking lowbies an all to convenient time killer between queues.

Im not against world pvp it just needs to scale.

I recall getting ganked as a level 20-30 by a lvl 60 many times. It was frustrating but even then i could survive a few hits and depending on the level 60 char i could get away. That was enough. Maybe protect characters until they can survive more then an auto hit.

If you didn't play vanilla and don't understand what the game was like prior to meeting stones, lfg queue tabs, flying mounts don't bother posting. I am interested what other vanilla players think.

This is something that blizzard should pay attention to, but my wife recently started playing and enjoys the game, and then she entered duskwood and got ganked IN darkshire repeatedly. That combined with the long level to 90 significantly lowered her enthusiasm after less then a month of playing.

Blizzard from a business stand point I would be doing what you could to encourage new players to keep playing.
I was ganked and camped far more often in Vanillia then at any other point in this games life span. CRZ cannot even begin to hold a candle to the gankfest that players had to endure back in Vanillia.

PvP servers are finally starting to go back to being PvP servers, but CRZ WPvP is only a mere glimpse of how things use to be.
I agree that WPvP was a non existent joke. But its like I said, even while I was being ganked by lvl 60s it usually wasn't a 1 shot no try joke, if some guy was camping me i could still root run heal and try to invis away (i also have a druid). I even recall being 35 and about 10 lvl 30's rushed a pair of lvl 60s at nessingwarys camp in stv. we didn't win but it was a battle.

I suppose the thing that annoys is getting ganked repeatedly in towns. It just was never as easy as it is now. If you were killing lowbies in towns you could kill them but you stood the chance of dying while running this train of guards out of town. Now you just stand there and kill all the guards. These are vital points where people have to go and complete quests (unless they want to go into the woods and kill boars).

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