Help with PVP Ret

Hi all,

Casual player....

I seem to get destroyed every time I play in BG
Seems I'm almost maxed out on honor and have nothing left to upgrade or buy...
I mean to get upgrade items with crusader might take tell next century.

What are the top 2 or 3 macro's to have as Ret Pally?
Anything with items to change that you see?
Healing seems to just suck bar barely moves with any cast except lay of hands
with a 10 year cool down....

Why can't we even get a blue pvp weapon ? what the heck....

Thanks for any help?
From what I see, it's a gear issue as well as your spec being off. Unbreakable Spirit should be Clemency instead, since it doubles your utility. Make sure you get your PvP weapon first before you even consider anything else. It will be what changes the game around. Shinka does less damage even though it has a higher item level. The PvP Power on the 2-hander isn't counted towards the item level, which allows PvP gear to not be totally useless in PvE. Also, gem for PvP Power. You need to be able to damage instead of survive. Blue slots get pure pvp power. yellow slots get pvp power + pvp resilience. red slots get pvp power + strength.
Gem for power in random bg's, sure, but for anything serious you need as much resilience as possible. Ret get trained all day.
Spec seems good along with gear for regular battlegrounds.

Make sure you are not over extending your capabilities: IE rambo'ing alone vs 2-3 horde.

Only macro I am using is

/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Avenger
/use Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Victory

You will be definitely able to solo a lone horde of equal gear, maybe some that are a little better geared than you.


Start off with Guardian of avenging kings on your target and let it build stack for bonus str while you are gaining HP and Inquisition. When stack is sufficient OR you are being pressed to put pressure because you are being focused use blessing of freedom on yourself and then use the macro and drop the hammer on the target.

Try to eye the horde to see if they have used a trinket to break cc because then a fist of justice will make them eat all of your burst. Bait them into using it with blinding light if you have the luxury of it not used due to prior needs. Rinse and repeat with each cooldown.

If you pop your CD's and are being CC'd yourself and being focused, pop Divine Shield and keep on the target.


WHEN you need to heal, use devotion aura first, then your 2 FOL's to prevent enemies from breaking you. Cast FOL whenever selfless healer is fully stacked or when you need to always or the stack will be wasted if you don't.

Use Divine protection when you know the mage/lock/spriest/boomkin etc. will be blowing their CD's and nukes on you. This will usually happen at the start of engagement. If you don't use your defensive cooldowns, it is wasted and you will be at a large disadvantage because they will most likely be far from you and at max health while you are 1/3rd your health.

WOG yourself while trying to close the gap.


Apply the same mindset/strategy even in group combat.

When out of cooldowns, just focus targets with your allies and give support as a paladin should.

Good luck.
Thanks for all the great information! I will get to it....
02/18/2013 04:51 PMPosted by Pàndá
Gem for power in random bg's, sure, but for anything serious you need as much resilience as possible. Ret get trained all day.

This is very much true. For random BGs you can chose pvp power if your ok being more of a glass cannon type class but it is certainly advisable to gem resil at least till the end of the season due to how much Ret is trained.

I think people are still doing some testing but in a few weeks when 5.2 hits it might be worth it to go back to the pvp power geming due to it affecting heals again.

Looks like you only need a few minor changes like said above good luck.

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