Darkspear down

Customer Support
Please upgrade our server.
Would be nice, I don't see other servers dropping.. nearly as often or at all
I'm transferring off because I am so tired of it...
But hey, they don't care. As long as there getting my money right?
its up now
The issue should be resolved by our Realm Tech's will continue to keep an eye on it.
hey guys is the server up?
I'm confident that sometime after this post from Feb 18th, the server came back up.
hey guys is the server up?

You mean since this was posted over 2 months ago? I'm pretty sure...
hey guys is the server up?

As the others mentioned this thread is fairly old and the issue that was reported in February has long since been resolved. Generally speaking if you wish to check on the status of a realm you can visit the Realm Status page.

Though an old comment I feel it is necessary to mention that a realm going offline suddenly or otherwise experiencing varies issues has nothing to do with how old it is. We maintain some of the best hardware in the industry, most of which is well beyond the norm, so it is not a matter of needing to upgrade. In most cases an upgrade simply isn't available.

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