Mystikos Theos is looking for more raiders

Area 52
Mystikos Theoes is currently looking for more core raiders for our 10M groups. We're currently 9/16 and raid 3 times a week on Thurs, Fri, and Mon (9:45-12pm server).

A Little About Us

Mystikos Theos is a progression guild primarily, but we understand that real life happens and should always come first. That being said Raid times are for raiding, and we treat them as such. We like to have fun and one of the ways we try to do that is see our members succeed in progression content. We cycle through people per night/fight for the best possible group we can get, so if you are looking for a guaranteed spot based solely on attendance and not performance our raids are probably not for you.

What We Are Looking For

We currently are looking for a few like minded individuals that understand raiding and show up prepared to down the next leg of content effectively. Our progression raid nights are there for that, we may joke around, but we're there to move forward. We should not have to teach you how to play or get out of the fire. We're looking for people that are easy to get along with and know when its time to joke around and when it isn't. Mystikos has been around since the early days of BC and has stayed together because we try to work together as problem solvers.

Effectively we are looking for raiders that are over 480 ilvl for the following positions:

Tanks (with dps off spec)
Healers: Shaman, Druid, Priest preferred (with dps off specs)
Ranged Dps: Priest (with healing off spec) and Hunters preferred.

All applicants will be considered regardless. Please Submit applications to: OR:

Contact the following players in game for more information


Thank you and we hope to see some of you soon!

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