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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
I just watched this and I laughed through the entire thing.

Would love to get a bunch of people together and rp a Lord of the Rings kind of thing in game. Not exactly of course, but it would be a fun rp to play out. I can see a Forsaken warlock as the big Badie and an army of undead minions with orcs and trolls as elite forces.

Would have to be a bit different in game as an object might not work as a focus. Possibly with a BOE of some kind of purple quality item, I suppose a ring would work. But it could be a sword or a grimmore, almost anything. Or it could be done on a rp/pvp server and have a certain area selected to fight over.

I could certainly see it as an opportunity to do some creative rp. But are there people even remotely interested in doing something that epic?
I want to do a wow parody of "revenge of the nerds" with gnomes as the nerds and female tauren as the "omega moos" and a group of orcs as the tri lams support.

/nods slowly
I would love to do this, but the gnomes are the hobbits and the Aragorn character is human and so is the Wizard, though I suppose a NE mage could do that part. We don't have to do the movie exactly, but a parody has to include some of the original cast.

We need:

Gandalf,( do not have to have that name.) human or Night elf.

Frodo and Sam and any other hobbittses have to be gnomes.

Gollum can be a goblin or a gnome, (maybe a DK to get the creepy look?)

Aragorn is human, I see him as a Paladin or warrior.

Boromir and brother Faramir are human

The elves I can see a Blood elf as Arwen, though a NE can be just as good, I see her as a priest.

Galandrial I see as a Blood elf mage

We have so many Legolas like characters in game, again Blood elves fit the look. But we need a hunter I think in that role

We also need a dwarf as Gimli, a warrior with a big axe!

On the opposite side, for the villains:

Forsaken warlock as Sauron, the big mean baddie set to destroy the world and turn it inot the darkness!!

The army of orcs, trolls and tauren can be very good idea for a guild horde side. I see plenty of room for Forsaken of any class. I would love to see the Nine Dark Riders as DK's, I see them as Forsaken too, but I suppose they could be trolls, orcs and tauren as well.

Anyone getting excited about this yet? I am willing to reroll on a rp/pvp server and start a character guild. I fancy my own role of Arwen or Galandrial. but I think we could do a good approximation of the story arc if I can get enough to do this for the sheer fun of it.

Also a lot of this will need to be battletags to be able to communicate. If you are interested I will roll on a good server and try to get this started. I kind of like Ravenholdt. I have a few there already, if anyone is interested.
I know we cannot do it exactly, but I still think most of the human characters in the rp should remain human, and the gnomes would be the closest we can get to hobbits. But it is still up in the air as to if we would get enough to have a good storyline.
I am willing to start a guild on Ravenholdt if I can find enough rp/pvpers to build this. I also have GHI, though I have still to decide what the evil Zarnneir is going to create. I think pendant or amulets might work instead of rings. Hmm I might make a goblin alt to be my miner/jc and create some redstoned amulets.

What shall I call the guild I wonder? I am going to post this thread on Ravenholdt and see if I get a response.
Gollum I'd think a DK troll.
Gollum is about the same size as the hobbits, he was one once, so he could be either a goblin or gnome DK. Trolls are too big and they have tusks, Gollum does not have tusks.
Want some good wow machinima? Seek out the Tauren bard, Oxhorn. His redesigned swear words are catchy, and the stories funny. His music's pretty good too.

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