Enhancement Shaman Problems / Ideas

I think I've decided that Enhancements main problems boil down to the fact that we've got too many abilities that aren't good baseline, and require talents or glyphs to be functional. Capacitor Totem is a great example. Unless you talent projection and glyph it to be 3 sec instead of 5, it's basically useless.

Healing Surge is another example. It costs a TON of mana to use, and does tiny healing outside of maelstrom procs. I think I can cast it 3 times outside of procs before I oom. Now, I don't necessarily mind this play style - I actually think deciding if you want to use your maelstrom for heals / dmg / instant hex is part of the fun of the spec, but again I feel like I'm required to glyph Healing Storm for my heals to even be worth it.

Rockbiter Weapon does 5% dmg reduction baseline. That's crazy low compared to every other defensive mechanic out there (see defensive stance, shadow form, aspect of the iron hawk, etc.), and I have to sacrifice damage and control to use it. Again, to even make this thing worth thinking about I need to talent into Unleashed Fury. Then, in order to get the damage reduction from it, I'm putting one of my only gap closers on a 15 sec CD.

Shocks sharing a CD causes a similar issue of having to sacrifice utility. If I want to use Earth Shock to apply weakened blows to the mean Warrior, then I just put my root/snare on CD. Do other classes deal with this shared CD problem? I feel like we're the only ones who are forced to sacrifice one form of utility to use another one.

Up Rockbiter to 15% dmg reduction. That would put it on par with other abilities, and we would still have to sacrifice dmg / control to use it in the same way that they're trying to make an offensive penalty for warriors sitting in defensive stance. There's still incentive to switch back to frostbrand when you aren't being focused for the extra dmg to lava lash and the extra dmg control overall to your melee hits.

Make Healing Storm baseline for Enhance. We already have to sacrifice dmg every time we use a stack for a heal, so don't make us use a glyph as well. Then we can actually choose between glyphs that make small interesting changes to our spec.

Make Capacitor Totem a 3 sec charge baseline. Then change the glyph so that it reduces the charge time completely, but only stuns your current target. That way, it's more usable without a glyph, but glyphed gives us a stun that's comparable to other classes.

Fix shocks. I saw someone suggest we get 2 shared charges for our shocks that are both on 6 sec CDs. That way we could use 2 different shocks back to back, but we couldn't stand there and spam them. I like this idea. Alternately, you could just take them off the shared CD, and have them each have their own independent 6 sec CD. They don't do that much dmg for Enhance, so I doubt it would be OP.
Blizzard in no way cares to balance Shammies. They are too busy ensuring every spec of Mage gets ample PVE buffs with no concern of how it will affect PVP. Frost bolt hits harder then an ele shammie sLightning bolt, it also applies a passie slow to the target. FB gets a 52% damage Buff, now magres will claim it is a PVE balance thing except it will also impact PVP because it is not thta mages can not cast Frost Bolt in PVP they opt to spam instants.

Blizzard needs to gut Burst damage. get rid of 90% of the instacast spammin gthat is going on in the game.

Also GC needs to learn that Silenceing an enhance shammy has a huge impact and the wonderful idea of the totem nerf was beund stupid. There is not a single reason for it to remain since Blanket silences on a short CD were not removed.Especially since they are still mongloidable and do not require an interupt to get the silence.
What about we bump the passive dmg reduction on Rockbiter, and change it's Unleash ability to a disarm instead of a taunt? I could really use a disarm.
Or have earth shock apply a MS type debuff to the target since they do not wan tto increase our survival or control? As enhance we used to have a spot as a support type class but any mor ePure DPSers out heal us. They out damage us they have more survival and control then we do. There is no reason to have the enhance in there and hope you can win when you can grab pretty much anything else and assure a win.

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