execution sentence good?

Guess ive just been reading so much stuff saying its not the right one to go for the 90 talent guess im wondering is this right? is holy prism the best route?
02/20/2013 04:13 PMPosted by Lobster
For PVP you want Prism. For PVE there are good fights for all 3 choices.

I hate Light's Hammer, so I just switch between Prism and ES.
02/20/2013 04:16 PMPosted by Elidra
I hate Light's Hammer, so I just switch between Prism and ES.

Light's Hammer is so boss for Prot, though. Between Battle Healer and LH, healers hate me on the meters for trash pulls. :D
I've been trying it out for a week now in pvp.

ES is okay in randoms when you are caught 1v1 or so. I try to use it in conjunction with my cooldowns. Sometimes i dont get to see the final burst because pvp is so dynamic and some class mechanics such as dispell or shield will null the dot.

Tried it out on a dummy, built GotAK stack, inq, aw, and dps trinket, total damage was 208k. Accounting for 60% resili it comes out to 130k for full duration of the dot with all paladin damage boosters used. That was only 1 test though and also 2 of the dots critted.

Just try it out for yourself. Remember to use the dps trinket and inq before dropping the hammer. Also good for healing yourself as you kite people.

I think Holy Prism is much better for serious pvp'ing. You get to use it 3 times within the cooldown of an ES and you can choose to either heal or for use in a little extra burst which is much better utility.

ONE thing it is awesome for is griefing 80-85 horde in mt. hyjal. I like to drop it on them and due to their res. and HP pool, I get to see the full duration of the animation.
Pretty fun and especially when its dropped on locks/spriests B)
In pvp holy prism wins by far as ES just gets dispelled before any damage or healing ticks.
ES is much better PvE as Prism is a DPS loss if use deviates significantly from on cd, which we do alot as it's just so low in the priority. Furthermore, Prism uses 2 more GCDs per minute than ES, which we will be able to maintain less and less with higher levels of haste.

I am told that Prism is much better PvP due to it's undispellable nature and the fact that it heals and damages at the same time. The fact that you can randomly cast it and let it autotarget stealthed targets just seems to make it better as well.
i rolled with es for a while in bg's, and it just gets dispelled. so i switched to hp, and i really like it. sometimes it will crit big, like 6 digits. and i like the 20s cooldown on it. i liked es fighting instance bosses, but i don't do enough instances boss fights that i permanently switched to hp.
For AoE, I like to use Prism for dungeon and raid trash. I find a twenty second CD is better used on packs of mobs which only take thirty seconds to down over juggling Lights Hammer every minute between two groups. Many a time, I have moved onto the next group of mobs only to have Lights Hammer on CD. If the packs are bigger than five, then Lights Hammer wins since Prism only hits up to five Targets.

For single target. Execution Sentence wins in PvP and PvE, but has the minute drawback.
I personally feel if ES can't be dispelled it would be a fun ability to have for PvP. I haven't PvP'd much since hitting 90 recently so I can't say when it comes to 1v1. I also think it's one of the most impressive abilities out of all classes for visual appearance. LH also has a pretty sweet visual, but as you can tell is only useful in PvE, and most will still feel that way with the changes in 5.2.
I guess if you are talking about a duel ES could be useful against certain classes but for PVP in general be it arenas, bgs or just world pvp Holy Prism is light years better than ES.

ES is dispelable so anyone worth a crap with a dispel will just cleanse it off not to mention Holy Prism can get stealthed classes out of stealth if you time it right.

ES should be a pve only ability except if you want to goof around with it while dueling a warrior or something.
I am tempted to use Light's Hammer when 5.2 hits, having a nice little heal and dps area that also slows horde in the area will be fairly nice dep on situation.
02/20/2013 04:25 PMPosted by Jackishi
I hate Light's Hammer, so I just switch between Prism and ES.

Light's Hammer is so boss for Prot, though. Between Battle Healer and LH, healers hate me on the meters for trash pulls. :D

Why would healers hate you on trash pulls? You are making our job easier on the pulls we don't care about. I get to go AFK on trash when a PPal is specced into healing mode.
In PvE (and from a Ret stand point), carry lots of tomes. Reason why is because both ES and LH have their uses. And if you want to maximize your effectiveness, you want to use both.

Light's Hammer is your go to AoE talent. At 2 targets a full duration of LH out performs ES. It is also a handy tool for gimmiky figthts and fights with consistent and sometimes overwhelming Raid wide damage (it helps the healers keep up).

An example of gimmiky would be Lei Shi. I save my LH cooldown (and a trinket to raise crit) for when Lei Shi hides. The AoE damage will hit her when she is hidden. Wind Lord Mel'jarak is another good fight where LH shines. Dealing with the crowded adds LH will pump out some serious numbers. And with each similar mob sharing health pools, this is an ideal way to down them quickly.

Execution Sentence is our strongest single target talent. For trash pulls where AoE is needed, it is pretty useless. However, on a large number of boss fights, it pumps our DPS up higher than the other talents. I'd bring up an example, but most boss fights in general are single target. Making this ideal.

So basically, for PvE (as a Ret Paladin), you want both talents. Just carry tomes so you can change them out for the proper fights. Just remember: You can't change talents during battles or while the talent you want to change is still on cooldown.
I like the HoT aspect when I know Im getting cc focused
Ok maybe I should clarify....

If you are fighting anyone competent in pvp don't take ES. People with half a brain WILL dispel it off teammates and mass dispel and purge it off yourself if you try to use it as a heal. If it is random bgs then sure you might get lucky and run into people that wont just cause they don't know what they are doing. Holy Prism is far better.

For PvE feel free to take ES.
yeh no both are just as good when it comes down too it, i've used both but ES is more of a if your dueling or 2v2 with someone who has cc out the @$$ truthfully I perfer Prism for the heal and the damage can get to a good 70k crit which I perfer over a 150k damage over 10sec period that can be mitigated by heals before it finishes its burst think of it this way you use it and every tick 6k lets say someones HoT heals for 8k then large damage comes in and they have a bubble up where as HP you can hit that with Hammer of wrath with cds +Temp boom more damage then a 10sec cd boom exo boom Temp boom judgement boom wog and thats where you become much more viable as a pvper without ES

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