Ret/Rogue/Enhancement in 3's?

Viable? Me and a few friends were thinking about playing Triple DPS for quick games and for the laughs. I'm tired of healing.

Shroud, pick weakest target and go HAM?...We'd have a smoke bomb, and lots of off heals.

I want to do something fun/different this season than the typical FOTM comps.

Anti FOTM comp? Not sure how well you'll do higher up in rating but it sounds pretty roflstomp. Should be tons of fun to play like most triple dps teams.
won't work past 1500
I'd replace enhance with spriest.
02/20/2013 07:40 PMPosted by Spiritlord
I'd replace enhance with spriest.

Then you're talking. Ret strong burst. Rogue strong burst. Spriest kinda strong.

Triple dps is fun it just should never be 2400 viable.
youre not allowed to use the following phrases on arena forums:

"ret pally"
"triple DPS"

Doing so may result in nerd raging, trolling, flaming, reporting, and eventual life-banning.
Won't work
I can see it working just cause enh shamans already almost oneshot with their swifty macros

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