My first deathknight

Death Knight
OK, So What would be a great choice for a DK?



or unholy?
they're all great choices! except blood and unholy
mmm little slice of 3.14159265359.
02/13/2013 03:04 PMPosted by Krathlis
Pie Spec.

Yeah you are no help
blood is excellent for solo leveling, and instant-queue tanking

frost and unholy work well also, but the downside is the longer queue times for DPS
One thing you will learn in the World of Warcraft is to always level as tank, grasshopper.

If you go dps choose frost, it is significantly better.
I personally liked Unholy. Hybrid of the Fighter/Warlock.
Dost thou like to tank? Then blood.

No? You enjoy DPS? Try frost, either are fine it's up to you. I found frost was easier to learn (2 hand, I think DW frost you need blood tap or something)
Unholy is fun, blood is great for tanking.
you like tanking? try blood
you like alot of sword fighting? try frost
you like zombies and plagues? try unholy
questing blood.
pve whatever you feel like.
pvp whatever you feel like
ima be doing alot of dungeoning and questing. What are the main stats for a DEATH KNIGHT?

I chose FROST
Congrats on getting your first Deathknight. :) I went with unholy for mine and I love it.
Blood if you want people complaining about how a warrior or pally would make a better tank, and Frost if you want people complaining how you are not a tank.
Blood if you want to tank and get instant queues, but remember, you will be dealing with people who feel they need to pull for you instead of letting you learn if you have never tanked before. You can also quest rather well in it as well. Frost is great just for dps'ing, at least that's what I enjoy playing in as a dps on my death knight.
Whatever spec you choose, whatever you do, do NOT deathgrip everything in sight, if you are in a dungeon. Unless you are the tank.

DPS dks who deathgrip everything, run rampant in Outlands dungeons. Do not be one of them. -.-
It really depends on the person, I personally play blood for everything but dps which I play as frost.
I find Frost with the glyph of dark succor (death strike heals a large % of your health after killing an enemy that grants XP) to be faster than Blood once you have Oblit.

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