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IMO Blood because we don't get nerfed!
Go Unholy. Learn the spec before it gets buffed in 5.2. Be different, and have fun!
Pick any spec you want.

Except Unholy.

Or Frost, if you want fast queues.
I'm always Blood/Frost. unholy's not my cup of tea.

I love the Frost Battle-Mage feel of the Frost spec... and blood spec is just fun. =]
Frost DW is very fun - not too easy, not too hard, lots of utility.

While questing, employ the Glyph of Dark Succor and use Death Strike instead of Obliterate - you will do a little less DPS, but every mob you DS within 20 seconds of the last will replenish 20% of your health. This allows you to Howling Blast/Death Grip large groups, AOE them down, and keep your health high all at the same time.

When you go dungeon diving, replace Death Strike with Obliterate in your attack priority. When Killing Machine procs use it on Frost Strike, when Rime procs use it on Howling Blast. Death Grip can still be a good thing if you're a non-tank in a group as long as you use the Glyph of Tranquil Grip - be sure to ask your tank at the start if they want that type of assistance.

Finally, always use Howling Blast rather than Icy Touch unless you specifically need to avoid AoE (due to CC'd mobs or what have you).

(PS - All that being said, the changes to Unholy on the PTR, while challenging, are pretty fun - save it for your second spec!)
Go unholy
I love my deathknight :D I went for pvp with him and i did choose frost and I am RAPING THEM IN THE FACE with my DK
02/14/2013 09:40 AMPosted by Tapdatt
Go unholy

Unholy is a nerd spec.
I just made this guy 2 days ago with my brother. He went frost and I went unholy. Together were unstoppable, but I love unholy as its harder to play then the 3-4 button mash of frost. Blood is OP and is fun to just grab most of the instance or mobs and you have lots of self heals. It crazy fun.
Until level 70, you should level as frost. This is going to sound dumb, but the highest damage attack BY FAR is blood boil, followed by howling blast. Whether single target or aoe, you should run in and blood boil, blood boil, howling blast, howling blast. Congrats on doing 10x more damage than anyone else will do.

at 70, I would still go frost but you will want to switch to a more normal frost rotation using obliterate. Blood boil will not keep up with obliterate in the 70 range.

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