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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Is it common for people from non-rp realms to get battle-tagged into an rp server environment? I've got a number of lowbie alts spread across different RP realms that I've dabbled into RPing on with varied success, but I hate re-rolling new servers since I'll have no golds, boa, and I love Stormreaver and would hate to pertinently say goodbye with a transfer.

Getting Battle-tagged in I would get to play this toon on an rp server without tranfer...but...No one can see my MRP or I see theirs, and no RP inside stormwind.

So, would this be a good idea or not so much?
Why does everyone automatically assume using BOAs and mad extra gold are the way to go? The journey is the whole point of the leveling experience. Slow down, read the quest text and be immersed! If you actually understand what is going on in the quests and the area, it will make the role playing more enjoyable. Just a thought.

tl;dr- It's not meant to be a grindfest to the roleplay part.
Also keep in mind that CRZ's only seem to work between servers in the same battlegroup. On Earthen Ring I always see the same set of servers like Argent Dawn, and Kirin Tor, not the full list.

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