So how wrong am I doing things (shadow)

Hi priests!

Long time player, but I took a break from about Ulduar on. I came back for MOP, rerolled and decided to go horde and remake a priest (and try shadow for the first time.)

I'm pretty casual now (who has time with kids etc?)

That said, I hate the idea of being bad, so I seek expert advice. Supposedly I'm ok as shadow. With current gear and stats, I'll do over 50k on a 5 man boss, and mid 60's to low 70's on a 5 man boss if I pot and get a string of procs. Trouble is, the people who are telling me I'm decent, I think are mediocre. King of the idiots isn't a title worth having.

Of course I've research stat weights and rotations etc (elitist jerks apparently has slipped into obscurity.) Pulled most of my info from h2p. I'm a little unclear on the haste breakpoints even now though. I've seen tables indicating that you go with haste up to 8085 and others indicating that it's really only a stat to pursue to breakpoints, and then abandoned if the next break point is implausible. That's where I'm stuck.

I saw one table, which I'm suspicious is a cata hold-over that indicated that at about 10% haste there was a breakpoint. Now I'm miles away from the 8085, so my question is:

Do I just keep piling on haste? Or am I better served by hitting that 10% that comes from I know not where, and then aiming for crit/mastery until 8085 is actually attainable?

Also any talent/glyphing advice relevant to pve would be welcome. I haven't even added a last major glyph b/c I've only been in 5 mans and don't see one that jumps out at me yet.

Oh, and I know the xmog is goofy right now. I'm trying to patch in the T5 helm with T8 robes, which Yogg has really not been cooperative on....

Thanks in advance folks :)
8085 haste is your goal, just under 25%. After that, haste crit and mastery all become just about equal, but crit>mastery>haste if you want to crunch the numbers in the 0.0x's
Until then, it doesn't particularly matter what you stack, but haste would be preferred, as it's still worth more.

glyphs would consist of mind spike, dark binding and x
x can be mass dispel, inner sanctum, inner fire, VE or fade.

Could use a little bit less hit rating.. 15% is what you want.
Spec is fine. ToF vs DI, I found ToF often better in most fights.

Gemming could be a little better.. Losing the int is a set back. I'd only gem pure haste if I were a few hundred under the cap.

Haste to gloves.

That's pretty much everything.

I'll look for extra haste. Hit I was trying to slim down. Unfortunately, some of my heal set currently overlaps my shadow set, so the spirit stack is working against me a bit. Hopefully as I farm alternate pieces that will be resolved. Thanks for the input. I like the RNG strings from DI and GOMS, but I'd imagine in a longer fight, where overall sustainable damage is needed, that ToF would likely be better. The execute phase on 5 man bosses wasn't long enough for me to think it was practical, and on quest mobs I really didn't care for it, since i multi dot alot and lay out procs as much as possible.

I'll regem though and reforge to haste. 8085 is a long ways away.... :(
Yeah your haste breakpoint is priority. When I first got back to mop I had similar gear like yours, and the haste point wasn't too unobtainable. There's a nifty engineering trinket (uses cogwheel gems?) you can get from the AH I think. That'll give you 600 haste +600 (hit and crit maybe?) of 2 other secondary stats (hit and crit maybe?) Then you can stop reforging out of haste for crit, buy some 320 haste gems and bam you should be really close.

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