[H] Late Night Guild Recruiting for 2nd Team

<Business Attire> is a progression 10 man raiding guild on Mal'Ganis. As we head in to 5.2 we are looking to expand our roster to a second 10 man team. Recruitment is wide open for our second team and we have limited availability on our main team as well.

Main Raid Team Times
Thurs. 11:30-2:30 Server
Sun. 10:30-2:30 Server
Mon. 11:30-2:30 Server

Team 2 Times
Tues/Weds 11:30-2:30 Server

If you are interested in applying or learning more about our guild, visit businessattireguild.com.
Shuriken Toss Subtlety is a viable spec.
Rollerball is a viable sport?
Great group of people here.
Thanks Shoxs
We'd love to see some DPS apps this weekend!
Still looking for just about everything!
bump for 2.0

New BA website is t i t s.
thanks ilpad. you're still old.
Older than the internets.
my first modem I had to set the phone on. im not even joking.
Ilpad invented the internet.
Rapture is the lead singer of Tokio Hotel.
Almost a 25 man roster currently! Just a few more solid exceptional applicants needed!
IIpad created the first computer thats how old he is.

Awesome people.
Almost have a 25 man roster, ALL WE NEED IS 4 MORE EXCEPTIONAL DPS APPS!

25 man heroics soon to take place!

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