493 Elem(/Resto) Sham 15/16N, 1/16H LFG

493 Elem(/Resto) Sham 15/16N, 1/16H looking for a server xfer and new progression raid team.
Been holding on to a dying server, but the well of good raiders has run dry.
Available M-Th evenings 8:30 server; prefer 2-3 nights and 8-12 hours per week.
Hello Shamsonite, The Patriots are currently looking for a our third and final core healer to polish off our roster. We're an Alliance 10-man serious-casual weekend raiding guild. We are 2/6 H MV, 6/6 HoF, 1/4ToES(just got there last week,) and we raid Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 - 11:15 P.M.

You can find out more about us on our website listed below. Or you can ask me or any of our resident officers if you have any questions. If you like what you find please don't hesitate to apply by clicking the Join Us! button. Have a nice day! :)

Site: thepatriots.enjin.com
e-mail: ThePatriotsZJ@Yahoo.com
Twitter: @ThePatriotsZJ
BattleTag: DroganX#1360, TaloX#1501, WOLFIE#1354
Hi there, if you'd up for considering a transfer to dragonblight you should consider <triarii> I can offer a core dps spot right away. We raid tues/thurs/sund from 8-12 server. We just converted from 10 to 25 and are still a bit lean on numbers (pulling in friends n family members) so you wouldnt be taking or competing for someones spot, and I am actually in need of a good ele shaman. We have no drama in guild and have zero tolerance for it. We have been going strong since BC and there is no reason to think that wont continue.

if you are interested and have further questions send me a whisper to iamhelly#1873
<The Covenant> is a 25-player guild seeking quality applicants to round out our raid roster. Apply at thecovguild.dkpsystem.com

About us
Server: Zul'jin (PvE)
Time zone: EST
Raid times: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7:50pm form group, raid from 8-11:30 EST (7-10:30 CST)
History: Guild has been around for 6 plus years under the same leadership.
Personality: Raid leaders are adults, over 30yo. Most of the guild is in their 20s/30s. We have quite a few members with military backgrounds (or futures), we have quite a few women too. We don’t nerd-rage, we’re friendly, but we expect preparation and focus.


We are currently searching for quality DPS with offspecs for tank/heals that are interested in joining the guild & can meet the raid times.

We are always willing to look at quality applicants of ANY class/role in addition to the specific classes mentioned above. If you’re a strong player, we WILL find a spot for you.

Our expectations from you:
- a World of Logs parse in your application, preferably post-MoP, but if that’s not possible, just give us something, or get a hold of any of the names below to make a parsing.
- 90%+ attendance.
- be online and in the raid at 7:50pm EST.
- be knowledgeable of encounter mechanics prior to raid time.
- have a stable connection, a reliable computer, and a working microphone.
- max out your professions, enchants, gems and consumables.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zantheren, Rua, or Oswaygo on Zul'jin or apply at http://thecovguild.dkpsystems.com

or my realID: tbell92490@gmail.com
We are looking for 1 more solid dps and another dps/healing class for our core group we have an extreemly experiancd raid leader 16/16n 7/16h and have downed the fist 2 bosses in tot the very first night in. this is the experiance dedication and knowlage u can look foward to in our group leader. We are revamping our core team to fit a 3 days raiding scedule and work on progression twords 5.2. We are a lv 25 guild that just xfered to the server and are looking to push progression though TOT and into heroic modes.

We still do toes and hof and will be doing tot along with those...looking for a dedicated dps and dps/healing class to join our core team 100% atendance wis required. we provide pots,flask ,repairs and crafted gear free of charge to our core raiders.
we are a casual guild but not casual raiders,laid back and progression baised , come check us out at www.epidemicofzuljin.enjin.com and drop an app if u are interested. we raid mon-wed and fri 8 to 11 server time. or ingame mail myself or Jaxinthebox and Takesh with your interest to raid.

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