So, I tamed the Monkey with a Fez.

And I most definitely just named him 'TheDoctor'. ^~^
Fezzes are cool
lol aww now I want one.
best monkey in the game!
WTB a pet with a bow tie...
named mine Minor Nanners
OP, great name. Hope you have a stable of companions to go with him ;)
I said GOOD DAY!
I named mine the same thing a few weeks ago
<3 all of you!!
Haven't named mine yet, was thinkin' of Pooflinger.
I have a ghost owl i named DrWho =-p

There's a matching darkmoon fair monkey

Remember rule #1... The doctor always lies
Still named mine Nephew.

soo the wrong image but :)

Ah, the armorys old pet model bug that makes pets look like an AQ humanoid on the armory. This happens with several pets, ranging from spirit beasts to cats to raptors.
Named mine Abu.
I named mine "Eleven"
I named mine Annie's Boobs. +1 if you get the reference.

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