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Ok not really WoW related but I've been wondering for quite awhile.

I do quite a bit of ECU tuning for my car and others and was thinking about trying out a tablet for ease of use and quickly moving points on a graph without having to use the touchpad and mouse.

I wasn't sure if the program would have to be compatible for touch use or if i would just be able to install it and go. Would make it quite a bit easier if there were no issues.

You will have to check with the makers of whatever program you are using, an app that runs on a pc laptop will not be compatible with a droid or an ios(ipad/iphone) platform. So you'll need to find out if they offer a version for those platforms.
That i knew, I'm talking about a windows 8 tablet, or is that a similar issue?
Hyung on a side question.

What application are you using on your laptop to connect to your car's ecu and did you use a specific obdii connector from a certain company. You mentioned doing ECU tuning. Are you able to do bi-directional connections?

I have a couple of apps on my android as well as a program on my laptop. But they can only get the basic obdii data for emissions and P codes. I can't connect to things like ABS or air bag module or chassis module or transmission module.
I build/tune DSM's so primarily i use dsmlink and occasionally AEM when someone feels like dropping $1700, but the OBDii just connects via usb.

The extent of what i do is basically fuel maps, speed density, mechanical and computer timing adjustments, etc.. Other than that i have my snap on tool for doing diagnostics and other makes/models for just general maintenance.

If you happen to do DSM's the entire package is on the ECMlink website, but im not sure if the connector will work with other programs or not, i haven't tried it yet.
02/14/2013 04:07 PMPosted by Hyung
That i knew, I'm talking about a windows 8 tablet, or is that a similar issue?

In that case it's much more likely to work so you might as well try it out, i assumed you were talking about a droid or ipad. Windows 8 is still windows, unlike apple and google MS didn't develop a separate OS for their tablet devices so you might be in luck.
Awesome, thanks!

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