Frost DK ilvl 493 3/16H LF Guild + 8GMT

Hey there,

I am after a serious progression late night guild to offer my services too.

I have been raiding since early wrath, into current heroic content.

I would prefer a 25m Guild but 10m is also fine.

I have 16/16 normal experience (inc elite protectors) and 3/6 heroic MSV.

I can raid anywhere between 10:30pm-2:30am server time (AEST) - I need to raid late nights due to RL commitments, but when I raid, I am 100% committed.

You can expect that I will always come prepared with food/flask/potions and I will always turn up on time and ready to raid.

If I will be late or cannot make it I am always cautious to let the RL know beforehand.

I am a likeable guy, never any drama, willing to sit out on fights for the sake of progression!

Willing to faction change and Server Xfer if needed!

Add my real ID or let me know on this thread if interested!




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