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Pretty much what the thread topic says. We are looking for mature and friendly players to come raid, PvP, RBG and do old content.

A little about the guild:

We run RBGs every week from low MMR to 1900+. I am a Marshall BG experianced leader. I try to run my raids and RBGs with a light touch. I won't be yelling or screaming at you but I do expect you to follow instructions.

Requirements: We do require at LEAST full dreadfull main set and PvP weapons for RBGs. You must be fully gemmed and enchanted as well. Skype is a must. I prefer you to have a mic.

Now for current raiding you "MUST" have a full set of PvE gear, be hit capped, expertise capped and KNOW THE FIGHTS. If you do NOT know the raid fights I will NOT be taking you. There are tons of raid videos out there and there is NO reason you should be completely oblivious to the raid mechanics. My raid experiance is since vanilla. Leading my own raids in WotLK to LK kill on 10 and all heroic except LK. In cata we were downing Death Wing in the third week. We had 6/8 heroic on farm at the end of the content.

Guild provides repairs, flasks, and food.

This a casual to hardcore guild wheras we do just about EVERYTHING. I CONSTANTLY run old content for achieves, mounts, xmog, pets, and other misc things.

So, the TL:DR of the post is : TiNfY is recruiting members looking to do just about anything because we do justabout everything. This is a level 25 guild.

You can add Hellsmistake#1575 on Btag if you are intrested. Make sure to add a note in the invite why you are adiding me. I am on most of the time if you have any additional questions.
Still recruiting!
Still recruiting. RBGs this sunday.
Still recruiting, running RBGs everyday this week.
I have played with these guys and can say it's a good guild, check them out.
what time of day/night do you run rbgs?
ATM it's me leading them all so it's sporadic but usually everyday we run except Thursdays. Usualy around 1PM to 9 PM Pacific Time.
added you. growling#1357
My real ID was full, readd me

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