Is it worth upgrading LFR kri'tak?

Hi everyone,

Tonight I won the LFR version of Kri'tak for my balance/resto sets... I just put the 500 int gem in there and now I'm wondering if it is worth upgrading 2/2 before 5.2 hits.

Would anyone here have any insight on this? I want to have a good weapon for these sets, but I don't want to spend the valor to upgrade if it's not worth it.

Thanks for your help all!
Well you've already put the 500 intellect gem in it. 1500 valor is easier for me to make than 10k gold xD
Well indeed like the above post said you did put that sha gem in. So kinda should unless you got 10k layin around.

As well its not just 1500VP but rather 3k VP, MH/OH upgrades. Thats why I went with the staff this tier... upgrades woulda taken too long. I rather get my weapon maxxed then move onto my trinkets.

But in your case, yeah might as well... if your in a non-progression raid group you should upgrade as much as possible before 5.2. They are turning off the upgrades for now.

As well your VP WILL be carrying over for the next xpac. The problem though is VP gear is unlocked by rep through raid. Similair to how FL worked. However, the choice is yours upgrade, dont upgrade, save your VP.
just wondering, why are you reforging and gemming for haste? i see your even reforging out of crit (which is boomkins best stat).

personally i dont think you should have used the gem in the raid finder mace, because next tier it will probably be useless... but why not upgrade it since you have already used the gem? it seems like a no brainer to me.

but back to my original post, you really should take a few minutes to read the stickies at the top of the forum... alot of very good info in them...
I shoulda taken a look at your armory... I agree with Tuda, we are a crit build class now. You have way too damn much haste to be pulling any sort of good numbers. As well your way way way over hit capped.

Go get reforgelite or go to AMR (change the stat priorities to 0 haste) or all of these places will help you get to your correct reforge spot.

Here are 2 links i recommend you to read:

This is the above sticky posted by Eluial. El is a very constant poster on forum and very informational. I credit the thread for making me a better player.

As well here is my thread I posted on a few days ago explaining rotation/ macros/ stat priorities/ gearing/ gemming and a few other useful things that may be helpful to you.

Check it out and if you have any other questions feel free to ask at any time!!!
Hey all, thanks for the feedback :)

I really didn't expect to get THIS kind of help with this thread, but I'm happy you guys responded the way you did. The truth is, (as I'm sure you can tell at this point,) I'm a very casual raider. I remember right around when MoP came out, I read that haste was good for balance and I never really checked since then...

So yeah, I'm very behind, but thank you all so much for the input. I'm going to re-do my gear right now! :)

Tuda, I understand you saying that it might not be the best idea to have used the gem in a raid finder weapon. I can definitely agree; however I am currently unable to commit to a real raid group. I'd love to get in there a few nights a week and raid again, but I've recently gone back to school as well as work my full time job. I simply can't aim for much higher than LFR right now.

Again, thank you all!

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