Blizz can put a pink tutu on my Felguard....

...and I will still love that big ole' lug! :)
My Felguard has decided to update his weaponry and now carries around quite a large Cataclysm's Edge and seems to refuse to want to use anything else now. I still love him though, even if he occasionally skewers a random passerby by accident.
They keep nurf'n the guy and I feel bad for him. Still, even when he's old and Blizz may one day replace his axe with a cane - I can't retire him. Felguards don't go out that way.
I honestly cannot see him with anything but that axe tho.
I think of him as my incubus... but with his back spikes, its best to let him be on top...
As if the felguard would EVER be on the bottom in the first place...

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