I have been playing world of warcraft since 2006. Almost 8 years. And, in that time have leveled about 10 characters past 80.I am willing to level quite a few charcter. I will pay for in game things such as bags, ah gear upgrades, mounts, and mount training(up to 150% speed). I will also play for cloak helm and pants once we get honored reputation, on set per char. I have some heirlooms but will not wear them, if u don't. THIS IS FOR SARGERAS ALLIANCE. I CAN NOT PAY FOR YOUR WOW UPGRADES, THEIR 35 DOLLARS ATM. LET ME KNOW IF UR INTERESTED.
I'm an experienced World of Warcraft player. Been playing since 2006 and I've leveled several characters to 80+. This is for Sargeras Alliance only. I'm down to level quite a few characters. I will pay for things like bags, some gear via the AH for gear upgrades, mounts and mount training (150% flying only). I'll also pay for the cloak, helm and pants once we get to honored reputation, one set per character we level up. I'm using a new account as well so I don't have heirlooms. I will not buy the WoW upgrades but now is the best time to do this as WoW is currently only 35 dollars :) Let me know if you're interested.

I said that on my post and you basically copied every word. Why would anyone wanna RaF with someone who can't write their own paragraph?

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