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So SimCity is coming out soon. March 5th. Anyone else super excited? I pre-ordered like three months ago!

A new SimCity! Made by the original creators (Maxis). The first real SimCity in 10 years. Woot.
I'm a big SimCity fan. Been waiting for this release for awhile now!

But I probably won't buy it at first. Worth the $60 dollar price tag, I don't think so. I'll wait for it to go on sale then pick up a copy.
The price is a little steep. I really hope it lives up to my expectations. It's sure to be better than the last SimCity Societies crap that some company tried to put out there.

I think it's neat they are adding a multiplayer aspect to the game. SimCity is great to play alone but it was always more fun when my family members and friends gathered around to look at my cities. Now they can help me build my cities!
It's sure to be better than the last SimCity Societies crap that some company tried to put out there

What is this SimCity Societies you speak of? Lol Yeah, that game was just so bad that I deleted it on the next day after playing it for a good 6-7 hours.

I like the Multiplayer aspect but that's the norm for all the EA games, it seems. Everything must be Co-Op or Multiplayer *shrugs* But from the previews and looking over the game itself, it's sure to be a winner that I will try out.

Tax refund is coming in a couple weeks and if I get tempted, which I probably will, I will buy it right then and there for $60.
Lessie here:

-Requires Origin installed
-Requires always on connection
-Day one DLC that's just not worth the price tag (deluxe edition is $20 more for cosmetic features and some missions and you can "upgrade" to the Deluxe for the same price)
-System already in place for Microtransactions

Nope, sorry. The older games still work well and I don't have EA monitoring my every move while constantly badgering me to shell out another $100 dollars for a $60 game that I don't want to go online with in the first place.
I'm going to do a wait and see approach. Not because I think that $60 is too much for a new game. But that I highly doubt it will be better then simcity 4.

My biggest fear is they will again try and make it too easy like they did with SC:societies. Thing is I don't want easy. I don't care how good the graphics look. If the underlying model that drives the game is bad. It won't matter how good the graphics are.

Simcity 4 at first when it came out had a piss power transportation model. It wasn't until they released the rush hour update as well the mod community taking it over that the transportation model really shone. I still play Simcity 4, once in while. Why because there has been no city simulation game since then that even came to 10% of what that game was like.
Allowable space to make your city is just TO SMALL!
Simcity has finally opened its Closed Beta Testing doors today (2/16) and will only last 24 hours. Checking out a lot of streams on twitch and for the most part. I'm very impressed! I'm throwing money at the screen and nothings happening! :(
Played the last "beta" or demo & am very excited, can't wait for mar 5!
I went over to a friends got to play their Beta last night (after they fixed their servers). And just wow, I ordered the pre-order now on Amazon. Its $60 dollars but you get a $20 dollar credit on your next purchase from Simply awesome.

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