Anyone have a set of weakauras

That track rune of power,arcane stacks,alter time and arcane power?
Try magenuggets first.

Weak Auras:
If you want to overhaul your entire UI for a very nice one, I'd recommend ElvUI. I personally hate it but it had a rune of power tracker icon (it's actually displayed in the totems bar) and a bunch of REALLY nice features.

Too bad the chat boxes were incredibly small or I would've stuck with it.
Don't use mage nuggets if you ask me... I don't like it at all. If you want weak auras i have a bunch set up for cooldowns, common procs, rune found/ not found and NT tracker i will upload them to pastebin and link it in a minute there with the procs you can change whichever item gives you the proc you have (i.e. you can change the relic to be light of the cosmos under trigger, and aura name)
-Fhiz :)
p.s i left a nifty macro for you if you didnt have it
here is a screenshot,IFRsuLn if you have any questions about where things are just ask :) Fhiz#1186

bumpity bump cause i want an update :)
no need to reinvent the wheel, Magenuggets is fantastic.
too bad weak auras is 10x better and has 1000x more customization.
I wouldn't think of it as reinventing the wheel i would think of it as going from the wheel to a spaceship. Or something like that
thank you i put them in and they are perfect
Great! :D

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