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Weird one here, and I can't quite figure it out. Randomly one of my characters logs into the game from Remote Chat. I've deleted the app and changed the password (thinking it was someone hacking in or something), but that did nothing to change it. The character never makes any purchases on the AH or touches the bank to make me suspicious. When I still had the app on the phone and I would try to log into guild chat from it, it would always error out. Help?
Its likely a 'ghost in the machine' as it was.

I know sometimes if you don't log out of the app that way, it can show up on the guild list, etc that its online, when it really isn't.

We had a guildie who was showing online for almost a month, even though they weren't.
I've had the same issue, I believe the app is just buggy.
If you don't explicitly log out of Guild Chat in the mobile app, you will remain logged in to WoW, but denoted with a "mobile away" icon (yellow clock with radio waves coming off of it). This allows for Push Notifications to be sent to your phone when you're multitasked.

Is this what you're describing?
I do get that symbol, but I don't even have the app on my phone anymore. Wiped it off, restarted the phone, character still appears 4 days later.
Another note: Got a friend to watch. The Remote Chat character signs in every time I log into my account, then takes 1 hour and disappears.
It sounds like you may have left your character in an Away state prior to uninstalling the build. You may wish to reinstall the build, log yourself in and then explicitly toggle Guild Chat from Online to Offline and then log out of the app entirely.
I currently have a problem similar to this, while I'm on the character it's showing me with the remote symbol, even though I'm on, and it doesn't log off when i do, it just stays on. I've logged out of the app, uninstalled it, turned off my phone, logged onto different characters, and still my hunter is on. Everyone i know has run out of idea's to try to get it off, and it's been about 2 days since he's been logged on.
Did you log on to multiple devices with your account? Prior to uninstalling the Mobile Armory, did you toggle Guild Chat from Online to Offline?
This fixed it. Thank you.
I don't have a problem with this bug(if it is one). I want my guild to be able to contact me at all times and I don't feel like giving all of them my cell number haha
02/23/2013 09:01 AMPosted by Ømnìsciënt
I don't have a problem with this bug(if it is one). I want my guild to be able to contact me at all times and I don't feel like giving all of them my cell number haha

You can basically do this if you allow push notifications and then keep your character signed into Guild Chat while the app runs in the background. We've timed the Mobile Away status as staying true for ~2 weeks. While in a Mobile Away state, you will receive whispers from guild members as push messages.

However note that with any sort of mobile tech, it's difficult to always be connected and be able to receive messages with the same responsiveness as desktop-to-desktop. Mobile network connections are fickle, but for the most part work well. The connection status delivered/shared between mobile apps (Mobile Armory) and desktop apps (WoW) can sometimes be off by an indeterminable amount of time. This is partly a limitation of mobile technology, but another contributing factor is the complexity of the World of Warcraft server architecture, which we are working to improve every day.

Messages which are delivered back and forth between WoW and the Mobile Armory also go through either Apple or Google's push notification server, which could have delays in sending messages if their or your network is experiencing any sort of issues.

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