Battlemaster title / Achievement account wide

Greetings forum goers! Recently I earned the Battlemaster achievement on this Priest (my main) and the first thing I did was check if my alts get the title as well. They did not have it, so I continued using "of the Horde" for all of my alt's title needs.

I gave no second thought to it, it made sense to me that only the toon I earned it on would get it. But then as I was playing my Warlock a few minutes ago (Level 64) I was flying around in Blade's Edge doing some Herblism. I picked some herb which made me ding 65, and then i took a FP to Area 52. As soon as the flight path ended I got a message "You can have earned the title 'Battlemaster Predicament' "

So naturally I whipped up the wowhead, checked out the title and it did indeed say that the title was account wide. So I think you probably have to be of a certain level to have the title (like having to be high enough to Q for all the BGs that are a part of the achievement, but then why did I not get it when I hit 65?)

If anyone could shed some light, i'm rather curious.

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