Skilled raider looking for a good home

472 ilvl (VERY tentative, working extremely hard to get better gear) WW Monk looking for a solid raiding guild to join the core group. Lots of raiding experience throughout Wotlk and Cata. Played a variety of DPS classes throughout my career and probably will never stop, love seeing that damoooge. Very aware of surroundings and a quick learner. Current experience is 16/16 N between my Ret pally and WW Monk. Please feel free to either whisper me in game with info or reply to this post with any interest.
hey Shaølinn,

<The United> is currently looking for a 10th (dps sham or monk w/ heal offspec) to start raiding immediately.

About us: One of the oldest KT guilds. clearing all normal mode content since cata started + some heroics.

Adult gamers with RL obligations who like to raid with progression as our dedicated goal on a casual, 2-day schedule. We will never demand you commit more time (compromising RL things!) to meet our raids.

All officers playing since vanilla and often 10-20 people online.

We cleared MoP normals 2+ months ago and wanna roll through ToT normal and start working some heroics again! Currently 3/16H is our best but for the past month we've had some dedicated members have to quit due to RL issues.

WHAT WE EXPECT: We like people who are never satisfied with their current performance and strive to perform better each week. We maintain a laid back atmosphere and you'll never be yelled at, but on the same hand we expect the most competitive dps your ilvl can offer (now and in the future). You'd have to heal 3 healer fights, I see your gear needs work but we can work with you if you actively are gearing.

[u]SCH: 7-11ser mon + wed[/u] . No extra days will be added.

Hit me up in-game if interested via letter or whisper. Thanks.

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