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your posting in a thread that is the ganking challenge which the rules havnt changed since version 4 in brutal season when some guy posted up a screenie of Lotto's corpse and no evidence of him getting ganked, after that Bust and I said if we were gona run it then we would make the rules that in combat log "slain" target classifies as a legit gank.

9.90 can come in for fall damage/ pve / attacks on targets too?

9.90 can come in for fall damage/ pve / attacks on targets too?

LMAO. no. it means you got smashed solo. here is one where a few of us were fighting you and other Horde so the honour i got when you were smashed is not 9.9

i didnt bother taking SS of the other 10 times you died

i can't get slain msg up anyway.
Seperate your combat log and press tab "my actions"
Yes the killed player in the combat log is a correct screenshot and a valid gank for the ganking challenge, please note all previous screenshots will also not be valid until the actual thing starts and will be voided.
Who will hand out gold on alliance/horde as a reward for the kill?
I have a low level shammy with 13k alliance side, Sparky
Not enough people seem to be keen on another ganking challenge, need more willing people to take part in hunting
02/16/2013 08:05 PMPosted by Vayuu

if pet gets killing blow, no slain msg.

ur p smart, making sure i cant take part in ganking challenge. dont blame ya, i'd win 2ez. dont wanna partake anyways
You never have tho, so why not passive pet at the last second for the kb?

EDIT: still needing more numbers to make this happe
Pretty sure everyone in No Dice would be keen. We've just been on Dota2 the last 2 weeks.
You never have tho, so why not passive pet at the last second for the kb?

EDIT: still needing more numbers to make this happe

is this amongst concerns for both sides or just a single faction not being interested enough?

You know for a fact that i excited to give it a go
02/16/2013 08:05 PMPosted by Vayuu
Thanks for the link Houk, was wandering tho where would one find the place for all the old forum threads? Or have blizz removed them completely?
I'll be updated the list/scoreboard as often as I can but there might be some delays.

With the next patch due very soon it's time for another one of these. The goal of this one is to make the grinding experience for the fresh black prince of bel air as PAINFUL as possible.

Here's how it works:

• There are 15 targets from each faction at a time, the way it will start is for the first 15 nominations to be posted (you nominating another player) will put yourself on which ever faction list and the player you have nominated on the other.

• Nominating another player must be from your level 90 main toon, (otherwise your nomination will be invalid and neither your nominee or yourself will be put on the huntlist.)

• Once you have been killed and a screenshot with a YOU KILLED BLAH has been posted you will be removed from the hunt-list. Players can not be changed. (unless you want to switch someone who is offline to someone who is on).

• If a player is killed, that player will be removed from the hunt list and gradually the list will die down to the last man standing.

• Targets must be level 90 and the players main character (can now be checked with wow-tracker)

• Kills must take place outside of Battlegrounds and/or Arena's. If a screenshot is posted within a Battleground or Arena, it will be void and the targets will still be in play.

• It is 1 point for 1 kill.

• No Alts may be nominated in this ganking challenge so try to stick with main characters (a.k.a the geared ones.)

• Bonus forum epeen for resurrection timers. Really.

• If a target has a known alt be sure to list the name of the alt as well.

• Last of all, everything is legit. Playing dirty is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Jumping on alt enemy factions to find players locations, summoning your own team factions players and ganking them at neutral warfare zones like Nagrand Arena, if you manage for someone to actually accept the summon to Nagrand Arena and you and your party destroy them in there then consider yourself a winner.

Example: Targets are Qtxoxo, Holyagirl, Jacykwol, Badges, and Mirah. If Randomhorde were to kill Badges the hunt for Badges would be off and Badges would be allowed to a target to replace him on the list The total then on the *live* hunt list would be still be ten (the older targets being removed). I realise this is slightly different than other systems. I want each faction nominating their own for ganking. It really is the case of who you want to see fail.

5 - Relil (Rayellle x 2, Cottonball, Qtxoxo, Bleedzlol)
5 - Chiffey (Qtxoxo, Stashlet, Complex, Bobo, Adjacent)
2 - Azeo (Rofladin, Doomlorde)
2 - Tainaqt (Bubbles, Bleedzlol)
2 - Wasted (Ethari, Bobo)
1 - Badges (Chivdoc)
1 - Turtleballs (Holyagirl)
1 - Squeak (Turtleballs)
1 - Krixooks (Kera)
1 - Rofladin (Odras)
1 - Mirah (Roiddy)
1 - Spiderbearx (Complex)
1 - Amazing (Peki)
1 - Arctroni (Krixooks)

Alliance Live Hunt List

Horde Live Hunt List

Rofladin down! -
Chivdoc down! -
Bubbles down! -
Rayelle down! - ,
Doomlorde down! -
Turtleballs down! -
Holyagirl down! -
Cottonball down! -
Kera down! -
Qtxoxo down! - ,
Odras down! -
Bleedzlol down! - ,
Roiddy down! -
Stlashlet down! -
Complex down! - ,
Ethari down! -
Peki down! - ,
Kovenant/Bobo down! -,
Krixooks down! -
Chivdoc down! -
Adjacent down! -

Big thanks to Kera for helping me keep this updated!

* due to some confusion giving kills to Chiffey for Qtxoxo.

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