[A]Kill it Please selling challenge modes


Kill it Please is currently selling full 9/9 Gold challenge mode clears. We are able to accommodate all classes and specs.


• Challenge Conqueror: Gold (9/9 Golds, 'Undaunted' Title+Phoenix mount + class specific transmog set) - 375k.

• Gold challenge modes on a per instance basis at 45k per clear.

If interested contact Hurlz ingame via PM or mail, or alternatively add sickkent#1729 on battletag.
• Gold challenge modes on a per instance basis at 40k per clear.

Discounted for my stunning looks and bodacious curves right?
02/21/2013 02:38 PMPosted by Alex
Umm Teen... if you sell them at a 40k per instance basis that's 360k total, which is a saving of 15k compared to the price for buying them all at once!

maths is hard fk
WTB 9/9 gold. add my battletag to contact me in game. : galdorfir#1535, thats... g a l d o r f i r # 1 5 3 5
Oh Teen..... /flop

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