Love Is In The Air question

Can I do all but one of the achievements on one character and then do the last one on another and still get the Love Fool title?
The character I have most of them done on isn't high enough to enter Naxx so this is why I am asking.
I see you got the achievement (congrats btw), but in case others are wondering - yes & no.

Yes, if you get different achievements fully completed on different characters, they will all count towards the "Love Fool" title.

No, if you get 'parts' an achievement done on different characters, you will not get that single achievement. Prime example: [I Pity The Fool] - you will need to complete all "parts" of this achievement on one character to get the achievement on all your characters (then it will count towards the main achievement of Love Fool.
You anticipated my question. Thank you.

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