[H] <Necrosis> New Late Night Guild

Still looking for a tank/ranged DPS?

Most certainly are! Contact either me at Internet#1155 or Lighto at Lighto#1954
Still specifically looking for a skilled ranged and melee OR a tank to fill our last few spots.

Boomkin/warlock/dps warrior preferred.

Any other exceptional players will definitely be considered.

Contact our GM Lighto at Lighto#1954 or myself at Internet#1155
I happen to know that instead of flasks Necrosis serves creme brulee at all their raids.
It's true. We consider ourselves on the upper tier of "high-brow" raiding.
Owning and using a monocle is a guild requirement and we have light chamber music playing constantly in our mumble while we raid.
Really though, we're still looking for the last few spots.
After our first official raid night we are sitting at 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF, looking to continue on Monday with ToT/ToES/HoF. Still looking for DPS (both ranged and melee) and a strong healer (prefer disc priest/resto druid/Mistweaver)
Still looking yo. Dolla dolla bill.
Need a tank (War/Pally Pref) and DPS (Mage/Lock pref)
1/12 ToT so far, only half a night in there. Continuing tonight.

I've been searching for a late night guild for the last few weeks. I took a break after the drudgery of DS and the server I raided and raid led on fell down a well. It's a ghost town. I've had the itch to raid since MoP released, needless to say LFR does not satisfy that itch at all, so I've been looking for a new home. I saw a recruiting post on mmo-champ and then saw you guys again on the wow forums search, so it must be destiny!!!! Anyway, I have this lock I've slowly but surely been gearing up and a warrior tank thats full of blues. SO why would you want this undegeared for current content player?

Raiding Experience on my lock:
Wrath: ToC 25 clears, eventual TOGC 10 Tribute, Raid led ICC 9/12 heroic 25 man guild
Cata: Raid led full clears of BWD,ToFW,BoT 25 mans

Then guild hits hard times we go 10 man, Enter Pally Tank Cptnchaos:

Cata: Full clears of tier 11, then 3 heroics (Malorak, Halfus, Atramedes)
Firelands: Raid led 6/7 FL 10 man heroic group
DS: Raid led 5/8 heroic group before DS buff hit i think 20% then I left raiding

I am willing to DPS or tank, even if im not able to grab an immediate spot. I will work to improve my gear. I can lvl my pally tank if preferable. I just want to kill bosses.

Let me know if you guys are interested/have spots available.

PS My RealID for in game contact- Cptnchaos#1153
Well this guild looks fun. do they have private beach parties going on???

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