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Hello everyone! <Shin Makoku> is a level 25 casual guild always seeking more active members to take a role in the guild community! We have over 900 members and growing every day.

We are a really laid back guild, and accept almost anyone and everyone. We like to promote fun, and guild activity as much as possible to make sure that everyone is having a good time, and fitting in smoothly.

We also offer several ranks, starting from recruits, which is the basic rank when you enter this guild, to member, to a veteran member, to a experienced veteran member. With each rank, you get more gold for repairs, and guild vault access. For recruits, you start off as 10g repairs, members shoot up too 75g, vet members to 100g, and exp'd vet members to 150g.

We offer several different ranks among members so that there is something to strive for, and something to show for dedication. Even though this guild has a lot of players, we are about member quality, not number quantity.

There is usually a hand full of people on, ranging from 10 to 50 people, depending on the day and time. Usually on weekends is when we hit our highest member count, so you will never need to worry about feeling alone, or no one to talk too! We do also have our own vent, free to use, and accessible by anyone in the guild.

Some common questions that we do typically get will be answered here.

Q1) Do you guys raid?
A)Sadly, no, even with a roster of this size, we do not currently have any dedicated raid leaders, or other members who would like to step up, set up, and coordinate a 10, or even a 25 man raid team.

Q2)Do you guys do RBGs?
A)Similar to Q1, we do not, however, there has been some talk about it lately in our guild that we would like to get some of these set up. These will most likely be low mmr RBGs though.

Q3) How do i get promoted?
A) Well, for member, it's pretty easy to get promoted. I, or an officer or a member officer will promote those of the recruit rank to member with in one day, or a day later.

Q4) You mentioned other ranks - High member ranks, how do i access those?
A)To become something higher than a member, you will need to prove your self worth of such a rank. Are you active? Do you partake in guild activities? Do you try to set up guild dungeons, scenarios or other guild related challenges? If so, then you can easily rise up in ranks. If not, then you'll have to try harder!

Q5) If you are not online, how will i get invited to your guild?
A) Anyone can invite, just /who shin, and ask for an invite!

Q6) What does your guild name even mean?
A) It means "Demon Garden".

Overall, we are willing to take anyone, like stated before. We have very loose rules. We all mostly like to talk, have a good time, level, do dungeons, etc etc and always like new comers. Most of us are very friendly and accepting, too!

Some other information. As we progress in members, i will be removing inactive members, or level ones who have names such as "xrealm", "rbg", "lfg" "lfm" and any other similar names. If you are inactive for 2 or more months, you will be removed, however, when i do remove people, i do it in waves, so it might be a month or 2 later. HOWEVER, if you do decide that you would like to stay in the guild, but know you will be taking a break or wont be able to log on, just tell me, i'll make a note saying not to remove you!
Just hit 950 members! at 6:17 server time, we have 38 members online!

We are actually looking for a few specific player and class combos to help get some guild achievements, such as a night elf monk, (i believe?) dwarf warlock, and a few others! Remember, you must be 85 and honor with the guild to help us achieve these achievements!

Starting next week our roster will be trimmed down on a bunch of level 1's, 2's, 3's, and possibly level 4's. Plan to do that on Friday, however, might be earlier if our member cap rises above 980.

Remember, anyone and everyone is welcome! Come join us today before we are member capped!
Just did a roster trim of inactive players and level ones. We went from 983 to 766. Cleared out of a lot of inactive members, so now we have room for more! Even with our size of guild, we are always looking for members, not numbers. We don't treat you like anything less than another equal player, nor will we ever plan on it!
Back up to 800 members! Remember, everyone is always welcome!
850 members, now. Also, we hit so many guild achievements recently, it was such a good time!!

Side note, NEW LEET TABARD! Yeah!
Back up to 900+ Members, and got a couple more guild achievements on the way!

However, on the 31st, inactive players (2months or longer) will be removed from the guild! If are in the guild and seeing this, please remember to log on alts or even your main!

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