[A]tank(485)melee(479) Looking for raid guild

6/6 MSV, 2/6 HOF and 3/4 TOES Normal only been playing mop for relatively short amount of time old guild (forbidden) has ceased raiding due to recruitment difficulties am looking for core team (pref) with raid invites after 7:45 svt pref 3-4 days a week. Pst me in game or leave a comment below and I will contact,
in 3 weeks won't be able to make monday untill 8:45

have watched guides on all normal fights


Joined guild Imperium they have also disbanded due to recruitment difficulties (my luck right lol) any questions in regards to my short experience at imperium can be directed too Boohbear.
so am in search again of guild + raid group as before comment below or contact me in game my id is adhinchen#1335

cheers for any consideration
Bump for update in regards to searching for a guild again

Quick reference, 8:00 svt or later start 3-4 a week, 485 blood dk or 479 fury warr will consider all offers (time wise etc)

Update2: Deadly sinners going to reform raiding in 5.2 it seems so lf raid guild still

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