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To my bruddas and sistas of de Horde:

I started my day waking up to the incessant chatter of trade chat, and felt the old troll-limbs aching, so I realized I needed some Cinderbloom to start my daily Troll life off right. Good stuff mon!
So I headed out to Mount Hyjal and gathered some herbs, shot some Twilight soldiers for messin with me, and realized I could get some Embersilk cloth while Im at it to make some bags for my Zandali-speaking friends. As I killed quite a few Twilight goons I noticed a humorously weak DK out there fighting mobs, and he was flagged. This Troll would rather get herbs for "personal" reasons than gank any other player who is not actively harrassing others, but I noticed he had a food buff for +15 Spirit, and he was moving "funnily".
After sitting next to him puffing, I soon realized he was a Bot, scum and fools of both factions, and filled his face with Arcane Missiles. Feeling satisfied I proceeded to grab an herb and blast an ogre's face off and get more cloth. Not 10 seconds past he was up again, so I blew his face off again with Arcane goodieness. 10 seconds later, he was up again.
Clearly the fly back to this point we were at is more than 10 secs away, as I know my self due to an unfortunate dismounting accident in the air on another Troll. So this Bot had been breaking plenty of rules, and proceeded to die many times over. After killing some Hyjal Defenders who pestered me another alliance player had been watching me, and nodded his approval at me.
I do not feeling I was ganking at all, just doing a service to the humble gatherers of both factions and preventing the further damage to player economy. I will say many more people should make bots if you're going to flag them, because the free honor went well with the Justice I served. Its not like I was giving him armor damage right?
Tell me what you think if you were in my position(since I don't have boots I cant say stand in my boots!), if you would take a few extra casting shots to rid the zone of this bot.

Sincerely Pacified, Zovalier.
This was one of the best stories ever.

Keep filling his face with arcane missiles!!!!!
Have my babies.
Hahaha. You sir, are a master wordsmith.
Kill him, then kill him some more. Then, when you're done killing him, kill him some more.
You sir, deserve a high five, unfortunately my arm was gnawed off by a kitten.

Have this instead;

Where's that old troll joke? Replace "dwarves" with "bots" and it will tell the story of this thread.
You're going to make me /silly for this huh?
02/17/2013 08:56 AMPosted by Zovalier
You're going to make me /silly for this huh?

It wouldn't help. They removed that joke for copyright issues.

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