Going for Salty!

Hey guys,

I've recently come back to wow (hadn't played since cata) and have been leveling my toons. During cata the only thing keeping me (and my fishing bretheren) from the Salty title was winning the STV Fishing extravaganza or the fishing derby. I'm thinking about giving it another shot once my hunter is 90. I'm wondering how stiff the competition is in MOP since theyve changed the achievement to first and second place.

If there are any other new fishing achievement/events/etc that you guys find exciting, please feel free to suggest them!

I havn't been keeping up too much with these fishing tournaments but I believe CRZ caused some issues with this.

I believe the issue was resolved with Stranglethorn fishing tournament, but I don't think you'll be partaking in the Kalu'ak one anymore.

Either way, Salty Stromm here wishing you the best of luck my friend!
As Stromm says, the Northrend fishing tourney is no more, and its prizes have been added to the Stranglethorn tourney. 1st place can choose among any of the 5 rewards:

2nd place can choose among the ring, boots or the lure, and 3rd place gets no choice, they get the lure.

Keep in mind, the zone itself is CRZ'd, but the actual turn in to see who gets 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is realm based. So, you're still actually competing against your own realm only.

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