Silent Assassin

Is this bugged or what? Ive done what the achievement asked for, did not kill any extra mantid, heck did not aggro any extra ones. Ive done this about 5 times and nothing. Anyone have any trouble with this?
I read somewhere you will not get the Ach if you are mounted. I was shapeshifted and did it exactly, no companion, and did not get it. Waiting for the hub again to see if that was my problem.
I got this no problem the first time I ran the Wu Kao daily set. I aggro-d a ton of extra adds, but ran away from them and I also mounted while on Sra'vess and still got the achievement so I know it can be done.
Have had this exact same issue. Have done the quests exactly to the letter, no companion, have returned without being mounted, and still the achievement won't pop.

+1 on bug

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