<Reign> Recruiting for Raid/Roster

Hey, guys!

<Reign> is a relatively new guild, founded approximately two weeks ago. While we are relatively new, most of our members have extensive raiding experience, dating back to Vanilla/Burning Crusade. Must of us were in the guild, Orion, and we were 8/8H in Cataclysm (I played on my old character, Definitively, which is on a different Battle.net) Currently, we are 14/16 regular content, and we plan to down the last two bosses within the week. We are currently looking for one member to complete our current raid group. Ideally, we would like a Frost DK, but we are open to other options. We are looking for someone that has decent raiding experience, along with a 485+ iLvl.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 ST. Raiders are expected to show up on time and maintain a good attendance record. Flasks and potions are provided, but they should be obtained prior to raid.

Aside from that, we are also looking for more active members! We have plenty to offer besides the guild perks, themselves. I lead weekly Cataclysmic raids, such as Heroic: Firelands, Heroic: BWD, Heroic: BoT, etc. In addition, we are also planning to start a second raid group. Our guild does not mass-invite; we want our guild members to feel apart of the guild. If you are interested at all or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact myself or ßacardi (Alt+225).

Thank you for the time.
Hey Tyler miss ya bud!
Miss you, too, man. :)
Where is my god damn raid spot
A retribution isn't conducive with our current group; we need haste or crit, and your other characters aren't geared enough. :(
Wow that's rude
Still looking! =)

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