5.2 - Combat highest DPS with Shuriken Toss?

I was playing around on the PTR with shuriken toss doing DPS tests on the target dummy just doing nothing but spamming ST nonstop with wound poison on (I don't do much PvE) and these were where the DPS leveled off after doing around 1.5 million damage with each base spec:

Subtlety: 12,197
Assassination: 15,952
Combat: 16,900

I didn't do deadly throws at 5 combo points because it was doing barely more damage than ST was and costs almost twice the energy, so I see it as likely being a utility only ability for interrupts. Most people, myself included seem to think that assassination would be most suited to a ST build, at least on paper. The passives assassination gets just seem so much better for a low energy cost spammable skill, but my little test is telling me otherwise.

Does this make sense to anyone? Or, if my results seem weird, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Were you using SnD?

Given that Combat uses slow weps, it probably does more raw SS damage, and with the add auto attacks it probably does more there as well.

But if you factor in SnD the attack speed for Sub and Mut might give them a slight edge
While interesting, I wouldn't judge DPS based solely off of that specific case. Deadly Poison is necessary to even begin to see what Mut's DPS is capable of. Without, anything else is pure speculation.

I would love to see Sub jump back up in to the ranks though. Playing sub at the end of DS was funzies indeed.

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