PVP 5.2: Elemental v Enhance

i am a shaman, i have been a shaman for a long time
which dps spec should i choose in 5.2 for pvp
i have mixed feelings and i wish to know
thank you
02/19/2013 02:03 PMPosted by Galindá

Between the two, probably Elemental. It'll be a pretty strong competitive PvP spec in 5.2.
Between the two, probably Elemental. It'll be a pretty strong competitive PvP spec in 5.2.

i lol'd
Honestly man, save yourself and the two others who will have to pick up the slack of your subpar class and play something else for arenas. You may be the best enh or ele sham to play wow, but unless you already know a good warrior and hpally, good luck even finding a group that will want you and then even rarer a good group with dedicated players. People are just not open to dps shaman in arenas becuase honestly there are much better subsitutes for dps. Your just hurting your team by playing this class. Battlegrounds are even hard to get a group for unless you lead them yourself, and I don't see that changing in 5.2 if anything I see things getting harder becuase of the purge nerf.

Edit: after reading this, I realise this sounds very negative and I didn't mean it.that way. If you really do have passion for this class i would play ele, the have more flexibility with comps.
Don't really know at the moment. Enhance is pretty good in cleaves but purge glyph nerf will hurt them badly and rogue/WW monk buffs will be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you have to play with. Ele is looking a lot better but every caster except moonkin will still be more viable I'm pretty sure.
Honestly with the return of the rogue both ele and enhance are going to be in a rough spot in pvp. Purge nerf is worse on enhance and with the sham rage buff to ele it looks like ele might be in an okay spot comparatively. Like mentioned above though, most other casters are going to out class ele.

Anyone else think that rogue/monk/healer is going to be the threes comp this season?

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