(A) Cold Blooded Killers recruiting

Cold Blooded Killers is looking to begin 10-man raiding. As such, we are recruiting healers, dps and tanks. We are looking for mature members who do not have unlimited time to devote to raiding and character advancement. Our leadership currently has full time jobs, families, kids, and other real life activities that take away any chance of 'hard core raiding'. However, we still wish to experience raiding, and we are recruiting members who don't have the time to spend hours reading up on encounters before they set foot in the dungeon. If this sounds like you, then please, swing by our website at www.coldbloodedkillers.guildportal.com and apply. You can also talk to Ukobach, Anneah, Calints, or Yaozu on the Alliance side US-Dalaran server for application information.


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