List of changes to make viable - Retribution

I did an analysis on the paladin skills compared to the other classes and made ​​a list of changes that in my opinion make the paladin viable one more time and give a gameplay more efficient.

# Skill Changes:

- Avenging Wrath: 2min cd
- Seal of Insight: No longer heals the paladin
- Sacred Shield: Applies the Sacred Shield on a friendly target that lasts 5min. Sacred Shield: When hit points reach less than 35% the sacred shield is activated absorbing 35% of the maximum points and lasts 15sec or limit absorption. cd 8s. Just a Sacred Shield can be active at a paladin. Limit (1) target
- Fist of Justice: Baseline. cd 30s
- Blinding Light: Become a talent
- Seal of Justice: Physical attacks cause additional damage holy 20% and reduces the target's speed by 50% for 6s
- Burden of Guilt: [REMOVED]
- Divine Protection: Reduces all damage taken by 20% for 10s. Also removes and grants immunity to Fear, Sap and Incapacitate effects for the duration of Divine Protection. 1min cd.
- Hammer of Wrath: When the target is 20% less hitpoints the damage will always be critical.
- Glyph of Exorcism: Your Exorcim now removes one beneficial effect from an enemy target but increase 10s cooldown.
- Absolve (hands of sacrifice): [REMOVED]

# Talent Tree

Tier 1
- Speed ​​of Light
- Long Arm of the Law
- Pursuit of Justice

Tier 2
- Blinding Light: Blind all targets within 8 yards for 3s. Instant. 1min cd
- Repetance
- Silence: Silence the target for 4s. Instant. 25s cd

Tier 3
- Selfless Healer
- Eternal Flame

- Battle Healer: Passive: Heals the paladin and allies near 20% of the damage done; Use: Heals the paladin and allies near 50% of the damage dealt. Lasts 15s. 1.5min cd

Tier 4
- Hand of Purity: Removes all harmful Magic effects from the target and reduces 20% of all damage taken during 8s. 45s cd
- Unbreakable Spirit: Passive: Reduces the 50% cooldown of Divine Shield, Devotion Aura, Divine Protection and Lay on Hands
- Divine Emancipate: Removes all movement impairing effects and stunning effects. 1min cd. Replaces Emancipate

Tier 5
- Holy Avenger
- Sanctified Wrath
- Divine Purpose

Tier 6
- Holy Prism:
Best Animation LOL
- Light Storm: Involves the paladin with a holy light causing damage and reducing the speed by 50% for all enemies and healing all allies within 10 yards of the paladin. Lasts 14s. 1min cd
- Execution Sentence: Reduce the duration to 6s and become undispelable. 30s cd

Of course everything I've done are just ideas and need to be improved and corrected. Value are purely based on my thoughts and may have been very nonstandard. So I ask that if possible comment and say what you think of these changes.
I prefer the sacred shield from Cata.
Increase healing when below 30% or whatever it was.

It was great as trip DPS, a lot of the time you would just bubble their openner while you stack guardian then pop wings/zealotry coming out of it and then by the time you got down to 30% you would just wog yourself back to full and something would be dead on the other team.
Sure, you got a lot of cross kills, but thug was strong, ret/hunter was strong as well as ret/rogue.

I think they should just give us sacred shield as a way to fix our survivability and make a new talent to replace it.

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