Luckiest rare mount drop for YOU?

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Just had the Ashes drop for me on my third run. Kinda still in shock. Meanwhile i've run for Raven lord 130+ times and still nothing

The system is strange.
I got Raven Lord while doing the questline for being able to summon Nightbane in Kara.
Got the Ultramarine Qiraji Battlebug while trying to get my alchemist the Vial of the Sands recipe.

I just never have to be looking for what I want and I'll get it.
Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, first run of normal Stonecore back in the first week of Cataclysm.
Got the raptor mount first time ever in ZG on any character with my newly 70 moonkin back in BC.
Got TLPD and MCF in the space of two days while leveling my shaman. Was at both places to grind up mining - wasn't even looking for them.
It's not really a mount thing, but I've seen the OH Glaive drop 4 times and the MH once. After the 3rd OH drop I started bringing a monk with me for my BT runs and she just got her OH Glaive 10 mins ago.
Got the Big Love Rocket on the first day last year.
02/19/2013 10:38 PMPosted by Murugan
Got TLPD and MCF in the space of two days while leveling my shaman. Was at both places to grind up mining - wasn't even looking for them.

My hunter got his Dark Whelpling that way. Heck, I was actively trying to avoid fighting mobs, I only killed the one that dropped it because it aggroed on me when I ran past it.
Ashes on my second run.
Raven Lord on my first.

Still sad I could never get the Tiger before it was taken out. Oh well.
I got the Raven Lord from a CTA bag in Cataclysm
Swift zulian tiger is the only mount I take pride in...until I get invincible.
I got the old ZG raptor one night when I decided to run ZG one last time before cata on kind of a whim. It was 3am and about a week before cata dropped. I feel pretty lucky with that one. It was only my 3rd kill too.
Either the Swift Zulian Tiger or Onyxian Drake.
I had the white hawkstrider drop my first time ever in H. MgT, but I gave it to my friend who went in with me.

I finally had Anzu drop for me last week. Was just a random "why the hell not" since I was on my way to black temple to get the other glaive I'm missing.
I have two Al'ars with 41 KT kills on this toon. Now if only I could sell my extra one taking up bag space.
Not long after I hit 80 in Wrath I decided to solo Strat to work on faction rep. I think it was my first kill on this guy. The mount dropped. Not too long after I went back in there and on a whim killed Baron again, and the mount dropped again. I still keep the extra one in my bank as a trophy.
02/19/2013 10:54 PMPosted by Baristolth
Either the Swift Zulian Tiger or Onyxian Drake.

I'd love to have Onyxian Drake, it's beautiful!

I have no rare mounts, because RNG hates me. Every time I kill Anzu and there's no mount, I feel like I'm exploding inside, while making the bloodlust sound. Can't seem to get Rivendare's, or the blue drake, or TLPD, or the Oracles drake. I tried for the ZG tiger for almost a year.


I'd give up pizza and Coke for a YEAR for just one rare mount! I think that's a fair trade. >.>
Swift White Hawkstrider after grinding for it off an on since the end of Wrath. Working on Raven Lord now....nothing so far.
The Spectral Tiger off of my first booster pack.
i don't have any cool mounts. :(

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