[H]<Offensive> Recruiting

Area 52
Offensive is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are no longer looking for core raiders, but if there is enough interest we can get a second group going.

- Anything

Raid Schedule:
- Tuesday, Thursday, Monday
- 9:00PM - 12:00AM EST/ST

- 4/6HM MSV
- 1/6HM HoF
- 4/4N ToES
- 2/12N ToT

Current Raid Comp:
- Druid - Guardian
- Warrior - Protection
- Priest - Discipline
- Paladin - Holy
- Druid - Restoration
- Shaman - Enhancement
- Death Knight - Frost
- Hunter - Beast Master/Survival
- Mage - Frost
- Shaman - Elemental

- Good Attendance
- Previous Raid Experience
- 485+ iLvl
- Mumble

Submit An App:

In-Game/Mail: Laborum, Peritia
BattleTag: Bilk#1195
We're here to raid and have fun doing it. Bring that exceptional talent to an exceptionally talented team.

Still need the following:

- Resto Druid w/Balance OS
- Warlock/Mage
- WW Monk/Rogue
Bump for awesome dps!
No longer seeking a melee dps, still need a Resto w/Balance OS and a Warlock/Mage
Who wants cupcakes??!!!
Power bump
Still looking for some raiders!
Hey, interested in a shadow priest? i'm 494-495 ilvl and 3/6 Hm MSV, 4/6 HoF (6/6 on an alt), and 4/4 toes. if you have any questions whisp me or add my real id: pierpont123@gmail.com
Still looking for an awesome healer!
Still looking to fill these spots.
im short ilvl 10 points but with 5.2 coming out tomorrow ..not sure if youd still take me or not.
pst IG
Still looking for skilled raiders!
Just need a Resto/Balance Druid...

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