Healing Stats Help :/

Im starting a healer but I dont know the caps for certain stats, need help :l
Holy Paladin?
There aren't really any stat caps.

Intellect and Spirit are the two primary stats, and you should try and stack as much of them as you can. You might eventually feel like extra Spirit isn't helping much, and if that's the case, you could let up. But I think it takes around 9 or 10k Spirit for that to start reaching an end.
I have 8k PvE and 6.6k PvP Spirit, and for me it's not nearly enough.

Mastery's definitely one of, if not the most important secondary stat.
Some people like Crit, but most avoid it. Of course Crit's totally lovely when you hit those 150k Divine Lights', but it's chance.
I always reforge out of Haste or Crit and into Mastery. And it always accounts for the top 3 of my healing abilities (Illuminated Healing).

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